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Trucking industry leader wary of electric semi-trucks' impact on supply chain

JKC Trucking co-owner Mike Kucharski recently voiced concerns over the hasty push toward electric semis, arguing that the trucking industry requires "proven technology" to prevent potentially "catastrophic" disruptions to the supply chain, particularly the critical food supply chain in the U.S.

The big picture: With the Biden administration's climate agenda pushing for greener energy policies, Kucharski highlighted the challenges imposed by new EPA regulations on trucking companies and warned of significant consequences if the technology fails.

Key issues with EV trucks: Kucharski outlined five primary concerns—costs are prohibitively high, the existing power grid is unprepared, there's a lack of adequate charging infrastructure, insufficient real-world testing and data, anxiety over the driving range for long-distance hauls, and reduced cargo capacity due to heavy batteries.

  • He pointed out that such hurdles could lead to fewer goods being transported, directly impacting the availability of food and other essentials.

Potential solutions: As an advocate for green energy yet critical of impractical EPA regulations, Kucharski suggested that hybrid semi-trucks could offer a more viable bridge solution, utilizing dual power systems to maintain operational reliability.

He emphasized the importance of affordable hybrid trucks, which would allow for continuous operation even if one power system fails, thus supporting the industry's delivery capabilities while conforming to evolving energy standards.

What's next: The dialogue between those in the trucking industry and policymakers continues as they seek a balance between environmental goals and the practical needs of one of America's foundational sectors.

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