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Ohio trucker tragically killed in explosive tanker crash

A 31-year-old truck driver named Jason Thomas Stevens lost his life in a catastrophic tanker truck accident on the morning of Saturday, January 27th, in Northfield Center Township, Ohio. The incident occurred when the tanker, carrying 7,500 gallons of diesel, lost control and plummeted off an interstate ramp, resulting in a fiery explosion upon impact.

What happened: While attempting to merge onto I-271 north from SR 8, the tanker veered off the bridge and crashed onto SR 8 below. Stevens sustained fatal injuries and the truck erupted in flames after the fall.

Aftermath and response: Emergency services, including multiple fire departments and a HAZMAT team, attended the scene. Additionally, an environmental hazard was declared due to the diesel spill, which briefly set the nearby Brandywine Creek alight.

  • The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency moved quickly to contain the diesel spill within the creek and to oversee cleanup efforts.
  • Cleanup and containment became a priority for various teams, including local authorities and the EPA.

Road closures: As a result of the accident and subsequent investigation, parts of the roadway were closed. The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) warned that traffic around SR 8 and the I-271 interchange would be affected for days as emergency repairs were underway.

Comments from officials: "Our team will be working hand in hand with contractors to make emergency repairs and reopen the closed roadways and bridges as soon as we deem it safe to do so," said ODOT District 4 Deputy Director, Gery Noirot.

No other injuries were reported from the tragic event. The southbound lane of state Route 8 and the connecting ramps to I-271 remained closed for some time to allow for an in-depth investigation and roadway repairs.

What's next: The authorities continued to investigate the cause of the crash. The recovery and cleanup operations were expected to proceed with care given to the environmental impact of the diesel spill.

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