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Trucker's swift reaction in icy collision highlights roadway risks

An 18-wheeler lost control and collided with stopped vehicles on an icy stretch of Highway 69 near Lumberton, Texas, causing injuries.

What happened: The accident occurred late Monday afternoon, on January 15th, as multiple cars were halted due to a prior accident. Some drivers stood outside their vehicles when the semi approached, skidding and ultimately crashing into the cars.

The aftermath: The icy conditions on the road led to the chain reaction collision. One woman suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to the hospital.

The response: Local authorities have been cautious, advising motorists to give space to commercial vehicles in such hazardous conditions.

Video footage of the incident, captured by a motorist, highlights the potential dangers of driving in icy weather conditions.

The crash serves as a stark reminder of the risks posed by winter weather on roadways, especially to truckers who must navigate these conditions regularly.

Cybersecurity risks in trucking: Experts warn of ELD vulnerabilities

A Colorado State University study exposes cybersecurity threats in the trucking industry through vulnerable Electronic Logging Devices that could risk vehicle control and data security.
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Atchafalaya Basin Bridge update ends split speed limits for trucks and cars

Louisiana's Atchafalaya Basin Bridge implements a uniform 60 mph speed limit for all vehicles and sets right-lane-only rules for trucks to enhance road safety.
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FMCSA studies detention time's impact on trucker safety and efficiency

FMCSA initiates a study to understand the impact of shipping delays on truck driver safety and commercial vehicle operations, focusing on detention time and its effects on compliance, safety, and economic costs.
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