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Truck driver's expert handling prevents semi from tipping in Wyoming winds

On a highway backroad leading to Cheyenne, Wyoming, a truck driver performed a remarkable save, skillfully keeping the semi from tipping over during almighty winds that surpassed 65 mph. Footage of this close call emerged on TikTok, quickly gathering around 17 million views within just a day.

What happened: The dash cam video, posted by troythompson360, shows the semi truck swaying dangerously in the strong winds as Interstate 25 had been shut down due to these weather conditions.

Truckers often face unpredictable and intense weather on the road, which can pose serious challenges to their skills and their rigs' capabilities. The successful maneuver by this semi truck driver highlights the quick reflexes and expertise that professional truckers must sometimes rely on.

Close call: The footage is a singluar example of the high winds truckers may encounter, especially in areas like Wyoming where wind gusts can be exceptionally powerful.

The incident occurred as the truck was making its way on a secondary route because the main interstate was closed due to the weather. This underscores the importance of being prepared for alternate travel plans under such conditions.

Driver skill: Successfully navigating through such extreme weather not only requires a cool head, but also a firm understanding of how to control a large vehicle in less than optimal conditions. The driver's ability to prevent a potential accident in such high winds is commendable.

It's a salute to the driver's adeptness that the semi was not another casualty to the power of nature that day, proving once again the value of experience behind the wheel in the trucking world.


Daughter filmed this while we were driving on backhighway to Cheyenne,WY! 65+ mph winds. I-25 closed!

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