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Falls Township considers 'trucker village' amid traffic surge from trade center

As truck traffic surges, Falls Township in Pennsylvania is considering the development of a 'trucker village', aimed at making the most of the increasing semi truck presence due to the Keystone Trade Center.

The plan: The proposed 'trucker village' would offer around-the-clock services including truck parking, repairs, inspections, medical care, and banking facilities. Falls Township supervisors have authorized a feasibility study for the project, with the township aiming to attract federal, state, and county funds for construction.

The impact: Falls Township managers see the 'trucker village' as a future cornerstone for revenue, set to replace the financial input from the Waste Management landfill that will inevitably close once it reaches capacity.

  • The Keystone Trade Center promises considerable growth, with 20 warehouses and industrial buildings set on its 1,700 acres, poised to be the largest industrial park on the East Coast.
  • However, the increase in truck traffic has already sparked concerns in nearby Morrisville, where residents report trucks causing damage to homes and infrastructure.

Community response: The initiative is looked at favorably by local development companies, with Jeremy Michael of NorthPoint Development saying a regional truck stop and retail area "would be a great amenity for the area," Philly Burbs News reports.

Not just local: Neighboring municipalities like Bensalem and Middletown are also experiencing a spike in truck traffic due to new warehousing operations, prompting a wider traffic analysis by the Delaware River Regional Planning Commission.

Next steps: The feasibility study's results, along with the larger regional traffic review, are highly anticipated to shape the future of trucking logistics and community impact in the area.

The findings from the traffic study by the Delaware River Regional Planning Commission are expected to be released soon, which could further inform the decision-making process for the 'trucker village'.

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