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Trucker hospitalized after concrete thrown from overpass hits rig

A truck driver was taken to the hospital after being hit by a chunk of concrete while driving beneath an overpass on the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles.

What happened: At around 10 a.m. on March 6, the driver, a woman who is part of a husband-and-wife trucking team, passed under Santa Monica Boulevard when the concrete hit her.

Her husband, sleeping in the back of the truck before the incident, aided her in stopping the truck and getting to safety. "I came forward and she's just covered in glass," recounted Tony'o Hines, her husband.

The response: She was admitted to the hospital, though her condition remains undisclosed. The husband expressed disbelief over the attack, saying, "This is ridiculous."

Larger issue: Incidents like these highlight the risks truckers face on the roads, including unpredictable dangers from the environment and individuals.

Investigation: The California Highway Patrol is actively investigating the heinous act, seeking to apprehend the person responsible according to CBS News.

The trucking community, often dealing with tough situations, acknowledges the quick action taken by Hines to ensure their safety amidst chaotic circumstances.

The incident is yet another reminder of the unexpected hazards that drivers can encounter, and the importance of remaining vigilant at all times.

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